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Frequently Ask Questions

We work on the claim for 1-2 weeks before returning to customers. This allows us to conduct all necessary searches and investigations into the debtor’s funds and assets, the contact person, set appointments with the debtors, and carry out all necessary procedures to try to reach an amicable solution and develop the necessary plan for the collection process and procedures.

You must contact the team responsible for coordination and follow-up, and then you will receive a call from the official in our group.
The management evaluates the reality of the debts, the possibility of collecting them, the methods of collection, the necessary procedures, and the probability of collection.
After signing an agreement regulating the relationship and settlements, the specialized team collects information and develops plans to ensure collection.
You will be notified by email of all developments regarding financial collections and issues.
All types of debts to individuals, private partners, local and international governments.

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