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Who we are

Leading Debt Collection Specialists in the UAE and Gulf Region

Hajjat Group (Debt Collection Experts), represented by Overseas Debt Recovery, Trans World Debt Recovery, and Trans Emirates Debt Recovery, is one of the leading companies in the field of debt collection in the United Arab Emirates, and specializes in recovering debts and outstanding amounts locally and internationally.


Years of Experience
Chairman Message

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Welcome to the website of Hajjat Group (Specialized Debt Collection Experts). We are proud of our debt collection legal services for over 3 decades. Our group is committed to protecting any client from the risks of business dealings and debt exhaustion to cater to commercial and institutional interests with a focus on expertise across the UAE and beyond, by providing debt collection innovative solutions, for any type of case, experience and insight that enables certain success.

Welcome to our debt collection group. The management confirms that it interacts with its clients on the basis of strategic partnership and not the completion of specific tasks, as we provide our services to our agents to study financial solutions and address and study risks to provide the necessary protection from the increase in the amount of debt by finding appropriate means and setting additional conditions for contracts that include providing facilities for commercial or financing transactions through adding conditions of a credit nature to local and international trade that provide sufficient guarantees to complete transactions and collect the amounts arising therefrom with sufficient guarantees and credits.

Our office is very proud that it has dealt with generations of previous managers and is still dealing with their children and experienced partners who lived with us the experience of success and renaissance.

We promise to provide easy and comprehensive solutions to your debts on a realistic basis

So stop worrying because our group of Overseas Debt Recovery, Transworld Debt Recovery and Trans Emirates Debt Recovery are always on your side, and rest assured that you are on the right track to overcome any legal hurdles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective debt recovery solutions to businesses and individuals of all shapes and sizes. Our ultimate goal is our success as success partners with you in recovering your money. Our mission is to develop and maintain the best possible environment to achieve success. We want to be the best company in the world and be considered as partners in our clients’ journey. Our group prides itself on consistently providing high levels of service. This transparency makes us one of the best debt collection companies in the UAE and abroad.

Our Vision

Our group's vision is simply to be “globally, locally and internationally popular in debt collection and other legal services”. Our services include the process of settling, following up and collecting debts, and as a matter of utmost importance, we always protect clients from the risks of local and international trade by ensuring that the necessary guarantees are recorded for trade, contracting work and local and international services. We are spread internationally and regionally, providing debt collection services and possessing tremendous experience in this field. Our debt collectors and specialized lawyers work with the aim of eliminating difficulties in collecting debts by investing legal and technical expertise to achieve the goal.

Private Policy

The management of Hajjat Group (Debt Collection Experts) decided to adopt a self-financing debt recovery policy by making every effort to recover the overdue funds, thus strengthening the company’s budget. Then the cost of collecting other debts becomes self-financing without incurring any additional costs while activating debt collection and all the expenses spent thereon.

To facilitate the implementation of this program, our group follows a policy of not burdening clients in terms of collecting fees after debt recovery, with the exception of soft payments which may be sometimes deferred based on an agreement concluded according to the specific requirements of each client.

Our Team

The Backbone of Our Success

At the core of our organization is a dedicated team of professionals whose expertise, commitment, and passion drive our success. Our team is composed of seasoned debt recovery specialists, skilled legal advisors, and industry experts, all working collaboratively to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


Founder – General Manager & Legal Advisor Bachelor of Law and Political Science


Local Attorney


Senior Legal Advisor Bachelor of Law


Legal Advisor


Finance Manager


Business development Executive






Legal Advisor


Legal Advisor


Legal Advisor