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Overseas Debt Recovery adopts a unique policy for collection of any particular claim as all cases are different and determined by supporting documents, nature of business (service provided), contract between parties, and grounds of dispute.

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Our Procedures and Methods

1. Amicable solution

We help you promote and retain positive working relationships with your customers by providing non-contentious solutions through our amicable commercial debt collection services. Simply the act of outsourcing the debt recovery process with us enables you to carry on with your business. Our professional team understands and promotes the value of your ongoing business relationships. We are proactive in seeking amicable solutions that promote positive working relationships with you and your customer. We work closely with you to achieve the outcome you want. In some cases, for example, simply the act of outsourcing the debt recovery process to us enables you to carry on with your normal relationship and for business to continue smoothly for you. In other instances, we support you through dispute resolutions.

2. Initiating Proceedings in relevant Courts 

In case amicable settlements fails or respondent denies to pay accordingly then our representative lawyers will open proceedings in relevant courts such as police, commercial court or arbitration (depends on file type).

“Greater the chances of collection as you go with greater team”

ODR is represented by the professional team of lawyers and legal experts in whole UAE with best skills of writing and drafting memo and represent our clients in the professional way to make sure that judgments and awards should be received in favor of our client with expenses and delay interest. 

We refer to this method when all other means become useless, since initiating legal proceedings is not a goal rather an instrument to achieve several goals including obligating debtors to settle and exploit all chances through the progression of these proceedings to the settlement and execute these debts.

3. Execution Of Awards & Judgment

“Getting Judgment is not a big  thing but getting money is “

Our professional dedicated team and huge database will provide the best grounds to execute the case in a proper manner to make sure execution is fruitful to recover the amount at this stage is one of the most important stages so it should be handled with care to beneficed our clients for judicial rulings awards and execution.

In this stage, we will attach all assets of respondent and will refer this judgment to various departments and bind respondent to pay the outstanding sum. 

4. International Suits and Tracking of Debtors 

This facility is provided to all clients through our representative law firm in more than 20 countries to track and chase debtor and to defend and represent our clients in international cases. If in case our clients are having international cases or their debtors abscond from UAE or execution require in residence country of debtor, ODR can track them through international representatives on our client’s behalf regardless of type of case and case award.